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THE MERCURY RACING® PRO FINISH BRAVO I XS OUTBOARD PROPELLER OFFERS excellent time-to-plane performance, sweet mid-range punch, and awesome top-end speeds for bass, flats, cat flats, and performance center-console bay boats. New for 2015 is the addition of a second vent hole on the exhaust tube. The dual holes, designed for Mercury’s patented Performance Vent System (PVS), enable the user to fine tune the amount of venting needed for quick planing. The stainless steel prop, designed for use on Mercury V-6 OptiMax, OptiMax XS and OptiMax Pro XS outboards, features four robust blades and a tuned exhaust tube. The shortened exhaust tube provides greater topend speed, while minimizing stern lift for improved boat handling and performance.

New half-inch models enable owners to precision tune performanceoriented bass boats and center consoles for maximum power and efficiency. And, for some applications, the half-inch pitch will offer additional bow lift for enhanced top speed as well. The new half inch pitch offerings benefit on plane performance, mid-range fuel economy and top speeds for single engine four stroke applications.

The Performance Vent System can easily be adjusted to the appropriate amount of venting during planing by simply adding PVS fittings.

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19″/15.3″ 8M0118468
20″/15.3″ 8M0100111
21″/15.3″ 8M0118470
22″/15.3″ 8M0100111
24″/15.3″ 8M0100112
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