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The Enertia ECO propeller is an innovative product specifically designed to provide optimal fuel economy and performance at cruising speed, the engine rpm range where boaters spend most of their time. To maximize fuel economy and performance at cruising speeds, Mercury engineers designed the new propeller with a large 16-in. diameter, extralarge blade area and a high progressive rake for increased bow lift.

The Enertia ECO prop is designed with Mercury’s proprietary X7 Alloy, which is 30 percent stronger and four times more durable than conventional stainless steel. Compared to current Mercury propellers, the Enertia ECO provides substantial improvements in fuel economy at cruise (up to 10 percent) as well as significant improvements in fuel economy across the rpm range.

Award Winning!

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Enertia ECO Advantage

  • Save 7% or up to $600 per season on fuel costs*
  • Travel that extra mile
  • No compromise in performance
  • Patent-pending design
  • Made with Mercury’s
  • Available in 1-inch increments, 17″ – 23″ pitch
  • Available in right-hand and left-hand rotation
  • Fits all outboards 135hp and up, Alpha and Bravo One sterndrives
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Screenshot 1 | preferred marine sales group inc. | preferred marineIn two-to-three foot seas, the Enertia ECO “livened” up my boat’s already great performance even more, and cut down fuel consumption by a minimum of 10 percent. At cruising speed, I was saving as much as 12 percent of my fuel consumption.
That slight bow lift generated by the propellers lent a much better ride over the seas, as well as quartering them and running down sea. My cruising speed now requires a couple hundred less rpms, and I’m running quicker.
No cavitation or “blow out” with the propellers in turns, hole-shot, following seas, etc. Additionally, the propellers provided strong performance out of the hole and in top peed.
I appreciate Mercury letting me test these props, you are not getting them back!

George Poveromo,
Professional Angler and
Host of “World of Saltwater Fishing”

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8m0143518 enertia eco bm ss 2
Part Number Rotation Diameter Pitch
8M0040398 RH 16 17
8M0040399 LH 16 17
8M0040396 RH 16 18
8M0040397 LH 16 17
8M0040400 RH 16 19
8M0040401 LH 16 19
8M0040406 RH 16 20
8M0040407 LH 16 20
8M0040402 RH 16 21
8M0040403 LH 16 21
8M0040408 RH 16 22
8M0040409 LH 16 22
8M0040404 RH 16 23
8M0040405 LH 16 23


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