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The Mercury Racing® Revolution 4® XP propeller provides extreme precision when dialing in multi-engine, stepped bottom performance center consoles (twin, triple, quad, and quint installations) and single-engine bay boats. The standard
length exhaust tube, in addition to reducing the time-to-plane, also provides stern lift for maximum hull performance and an improved ride in a variety of conditions.
New pitch offerings (13-17 inches in one-inch increments) support 150 h.p. to 400 h.p. Verado outboard powered center consoles, work boats and houseboats.

  • Handcrafted by Mercury Racing Propeller Artisans
  • Available in pitch sizes ranging from 13″ to 26.5″ (even and odd) and left and right-hand rotation
  • Mercury® patented Performance Vent System® enables operators to dial-in their propeller for peak planing performance


A majority of Mercury Verado®, Mercury Pro FourStroke and MerCruiser® sterndrive applications will use the Revolution 4 XP with all four vent holes plugged with solid PVS fittings.

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20.5″ 8M0113938 8M0113939
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21.5″ 8M0113942 8M0113943
22″ 8M0113944 8M0113945
22.5″ 8M0113946 8M0113947
23″ 8M0113948 8M0113949
23.5″ 8M0113950 8M0113951
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