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When it comes to propellers, “performance” is often assumed to be top speed. In reality, performance also entails a variety of other attributes including hole shot, on-plane efficiency and fuel economy under a load.
The Pro Finish Bravo I LT outboard propeller provides all of these traits, but above all else, it significantly optimizes ride quality. The flared exhaust tube lifts the stern. This brings the bow down for a more level ride. The result? Improved handling and a dryer, more comfortable boating experience.
The addition of new counter rotation models expand the Bravo I LT’s application from right-hand rotation, single engine outboard bay boats and multi-species hulls to multi-engine outboard center consoles.

  • Handcrafted by Mercury Racing Propeller Artisans
  • High luster Pro Finish for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance
  • Mercury® patented Performance Vent System® enables operators to dial-in their propeller for peak planing performance

A majority of Mercury Verado® and Mercury Pro FourStroke applications
will use the Bravo I LT with all four vent holes plugged with solid PVS
fittings. OptiMax 2-stroke applications require all four vent holes to be
open. Upgrades from the Bravo I FS to the Bravo I LT require no change in
pitch size when matching engine rpm.

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Bravo i lt propeller information sheet
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