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Originally designed for high powered, twin outboard performance catamarans, the four blade Bravo I OC is enhancing performance of 400R outboard powered
flats cat boats as well. A shortened exhaust barrel settles the stern, providing a natural bow lift for reduced drag and enhanced speeds. Four new righthand
rotation pitch offerings (22.5,” 23.5″, 24.5″ and 25.5″) expand application of the OC into the niche single engine catamaran flats market in Texas as well.
These go-fast cats will benefit from the smooth hole shot and increased top speeds from the Bravo I OC.

  • Handcrafted by Mercury Racing Propeller Artisans
  • Features a smaller overall diameter with added blade tip cups for improved acceleration and holding power throughout the engine RPM operating range
  • Mercury® patented Performance Vent System® enables operators to dial-in their propeller for peak planing performance
  • Available in pitch sizes ranging from 22.5″ to 33″ (even and odd) and left and right-hand rotation.
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Bravo i oc information sheet 1
22.5″ 8M0144040
23.5″ 8M0144042
24.5″ 8M0144044
25.5″ 8M0144046
26″ 8M0129147
26.5″ 8M0129148
27″ 8M0129149
28″ 8M0092002 8M0092003
29″ 8M0092004 8M0092005
30″ 8M0092006 8M0092007
31″ 8M0092008 8M0092009
32″ 8M0092010 8M0092011
33″ 8M0092012 8M0092013


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