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Introducing the all-new Mercury Racing MAX5. This custom five blade wheel, developed and hand-crafted by the Mercury Racing Propeller Lab, is specifically designed for single and multiple Verado 400R Sport Master applications. The Lab Finished MAX5 provides a measurable reduction in propeller slip, (up to 12%). In fact, the MAX5 prop is so efficient; builders are finding they can run 400Rs higher to take full advantage of the race-proven Sport Master gearcase.

The 15-inch diameter MAX5 is offered in a pitch range of 23 to 34 inches in one-half inch increments. The onehalf inch pitch offerings enable engines to be dialed-in to their maximum rpm operating range for enhanced throttle response, optimized cruise fuel efficiency and top speed. The stainless steel prop features the Mercury patented Performance Vent System® (PVS). PVS® enables the user to fine-tune the amount of venting needed for quick planing.

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8m0135374 max5 prop ss
23″ 8M0117982 8M0117983
23.5″ 8M0117984 8M0117985
24″ 8M0117986 8M0117987
25″ 8M0117988 8M0117989
25.5″ 8M0117990 8M0117991
26″ 8M0117992 8M0117993
27″ 8M0117994 8M0117995
27.5″ 8M0117996 8M0117997
28″ 8M0117998 8M0117999
29″ 8M0118000 8M0118001
29.5″ 8M0118002 8M0118003
30″ 8M0118004 8M0118005
31″ 8M0118006 8M0118007
31.5″ 8M0118008 8M0118009
32″ 8M0118010 8M0118011
33″ 8M0118012 8M0118013
33.5″ 8M0118014 8M0118015
34″ 8M0118016 8M0118017

*All models are 15-inches in diameter.


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