Inspired Engineering

Performance without compromise. From the cowl to the prop, Mercury Racing engineers sought to redefine the capability of our highest-performance outboard motor. The 450R is armed with battle-tested design features and innovative technology.



The surface piercing Sport Master gearcase delivers race-proven performance for boats capable of speeds exceeding 85 mph, with low water pick-ups and a crescent leading edge to maximize efficiency and speed. The available cambered skeg counters prop torque for improved control in single-engine installations. The 450R is also available with the 5.44 HD gearcase designed for submerged applications.

Gearcase mobile
Mid section mobile 1



The 450R was engineered for life at wide-open throttle. The rugged Advanced MidSection (AMS) features heavy-duty guide plates and stiffened engine mounts to stabilize the outboard for enhanced high-speed handling. AMS isolates the powerhead from the transom to ensure run quality is smooth and quiet at all speeds.

Tie Bar


Tie bar bracket

An integral rear tie bar bracket provides a strong, ultra-light mounting point and uncluttered installation for catamaran and other multi-engine rigging.



Configuration mobile

The 450R is easily configurable for a variety of applications. Choose your options including gearcase, tie bar, and accent colors, plus available Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO).


Is your current boat ready for some new power? Don’t wait until your engine is worn out and not working. Today’s marine engines are more reliable than ever. With many outboard options on the market, it can be daunting to determine exactly what engine might be a right fit for your current boat.